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Amorós Lawyers

By your side for more than 60 years

About the firm

A Legacy of Excellence

since 1963

Currently the firm is made up of lawyers, mediators and graduates in business sciences who are experts in judicial and extrajudicial transactions and claims.  The firm’s lawyers, each one specialized in the matters they perform, have the most professional and advanced tools that facilitate an adequate treatment and study of each of the matters that are processed, incorporating the latest technologies in computer science and home automation.

Amorós, began its journey in 1963, the date on which its founder, Don Francisco Amorós Ibor, began the exercise of his profession.

Our areas of interest

How we can help you

The firm can deal with all the problems that may arise, and offers you services in the following matters

Family law

Legal and labor law

Real estate Law

Fiscal-Tax law

Criminal law

Commercial and civil law

Health law

Administrative law

International law

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Latest news and articles

The firm can deal with all the problems that may arise, and offers you services in the following matters

2 June, 2020

Absolution of director of BBVA bank branch

The Department of Criminal Law of BUFETE AMORÓS S.LP wins criminal proceedings for aggravated crime of Scam and continued crime of Falsehood in Commercial Document against the BBVA entity, on…
2 June, 2020

Absolution for misappropriation offense

The Criminal Law Department of BUFETE AMORÓS S.LP obtains the free acquittal of one of the employees of the entity Elecnor SA, in criminal proceedings against him and other colleagues,…
Family and mediation
2 June, 2020

Suspension of the visitation regime for the alleged perpetrator of a crime of gender violence

Article 66 of Organic Law 1/2004, of December 28, on Comprehensive Protection Measures against Gender Violence, foresees that the Judge, in view of the concurrent circumstances, and in an absolutely…

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